Sunday, January 03, 2010

Catholic gospel

I went to church. It was funny. There was 'gospel choir' but it was only white people, so it did not look like anything on the movies. The lead singer had a beautiful voice and it was all really nice, but the old white ladies clapping and trying to dance were sooo funny. They looked so much out of place. Out of scope :)

We were both surprised how many people were in church. Rob said he always thought Catholics didn't really go to church except for Christmas and Easter. Surprise! The other weird thing is that almost EVERYBODY went to communion (if you're not catholic, you will probably not understand it). Like the catholic guild didn't existed here so strongly like at the old continent :) Need to investigate it more. And generally people seemed more happy and enjoying it.

But the one thing was the same everywhere I ever went to the catholic church: people being late :) I thought of our family and my mum always making us late when I was a kid and the embarrassment when u get in 15 minutes late and everybody is staring at you. Here at least they had man on each isle who would sit people, so they didn't have to spend a few minutes looking for seats and making even bigger mess.

However, it was a very nice experience. I still need to learn the mess in English, cause now I probably look like an idiot mumbling parts in English and parts in Polish.


Tacitus said...

Nah, reciting parts in Polish (or any language other than English) just makes you appear "hard core".

Monik said...

Hellou we are still reading you!